With almost all aspects of your world now available online, it's hard to deny that the internet is a critical part of your day to day life. Setting up and configuring your connection properly can sometimes be one of the most critical elements in ensuring your have reliable service for years to come. We can help

From start to finish, we can help get you online in no time, taking care of all the setup and configuration of not only your connection, but also your email accounts as well! With our assistance, we can maximize your experience online!

Choosing & Installing The Right Connection
In a booming industry, there are many different types of internet connections available for you to choose from. What is best for you? Cable, Broadband DSL, Dialup? Each service has it's pros and cons, and we're here to help you choose what will be best for you, or even help you changeover from your current service to one that is suited more towards your needs. Leave the complicated setup of cables, jacks, and modems up to us while you sit back and relax. We'll also configure your connection on your single machine, or provide you with solutions for sharing it across multiple computers for easy access.

1-2-3 Guide To The Internet
Are you a new user to the wide world of the Internet, or wish to brush up on some of your knowledge and learn some new and interesting facts? No problem! With over 12 years experience online, our technicians can help guide you to some of the hottest and most useful areas of the Internet and show you how to utilize them with ease. Let us help guide you on what potentials threats to look out for, how to protect yourself from identity theft, and keep both you and your family from other threats that lurk online. Stay protected and secure with!

Email Configuration & SPAM Protection
Sending and receiving electronic mail (E-Mail) has quickly become the base form of communication for almost all businesses and many home users across the world. We can help you setup your email systems on your computer, also configuring your firewall and anti-virus to work in unison to provide the most amount of protection against potential threats coming from your mailbox. We can also provide you with intuitive solutions to help prevent the ever annoying SPAM (junk mail) messages almost completely with our unique and effective SpamTrapper system!

Instant Messaging, Video Chat
Yesterday it was only a vision, but today it's reality. Now you can keep in touch with your family and friends anywhere in the world with live chat, even allowing you to send and receive video in real time, so you never miss a special moment again. We'll help you choose the right system and hardware, setup all necessary connections, and have you up and running in no time! Now you can feel like you're right there with a friend or loved one, anytime, anywhere! A great idea for keeping in touch with those in remote areas of the world, or away on travel.

Internet Phone (Voice Over IP) Systems
Shed the expensive home phone bills and add flexibility to your communications. With VoIP systems, you can now take your home phone wherever you go, and have access to your local telephone number anywhere in the world! Use you device with any Internet connection, at home, at a friend's, or take it with you on vacation to avoid costly calls billed to your room charges, all while allowing people to call you on your regular phone number, as if you never left the home! The possibilities are nearly endless with an extensive feature base only available to VoIP users. Let us show you the future of telecommunications!