Personal and small office networks are quickly becoming very popular among users due to their ability to create extended flexibility, open up a wide range of features and provide effective solutions for many of today's biggest limitations in technology. What was once cost prohibative for many has now become the standard for any house or business wanting to utilize multiple computers. At helpbase.ca we can create a networking solution that is custom tailored to your exact needs, while allowing for future scalability for easy expansion later on. Contact us today and let us show you all of the great benifits a networking solution can provide in your home or office!

Internet Connection Sharing
In today's technological world, almost all households and buinesses have more than one computer needing access to the Internet. As opposed to installing multiple accounts, you can save time and money by sharing your current or future connection amongst your devices. Through the use of routers and switches, your Internet connection can be shared betwen your different computers, providing you with advanced control over the connection. We can configure functionality such as access restrictions on different systems through time and device specific rules, and even priorities on devices limiting the percentage of resources they may hold in your network. For advanced home users or offices looking for more than an average connection can provide, we configure a system to combine multiple Internet connections, allowing for load balancing to prevent bottlenecks and saturation. Never again experience slow speeds again!

Wireless Networks
Do you imagine an Internet experience free of being tied down with cables to your home office or desk? Break free with wireless connectivity in your home or office. Invision being able to sit peacefully on your porch with a laptop computer reading your email, keeping up with your stocks in real time, or just casually browsing the web. We can make that all possible! Alternatively, wireless networks are ideal for many clients who are not able to, or may not want to run cables throughout their house from room to room to stay connected. We can design a wireless solution to remove (or even prevent) un-necessary cables, jacks and problems throughout your home or office. Break free, and experience connectivity the way it was meant to be. We'll show you how. It's easier than you think!

Shared Resources (Printers & Network Storage)
While most networks are built primarily to share a single Internet connection across multiple computers, we can show you a whole world of great features to enhance your digital world. No longer is it necessary to buy multiple printers or additional storage for all of your computers. With our resource sharing solutions, we can save you hundreds of dollars in investments, while adding wide scale flexibility to your digital world. Experience the joy of having one printer, which is accessable from any computer in your house.

For those who have large amounts of data such as movies, music or other types of documents you would like to share amongst multiple computers, we can design, install and configure a solution that will be scalable to your exact storage and transfer needs. Your solution can be as easy as a shared drive on a single computer, or as extensive as a dedicated file server with user rights and permissions. The possibilities are nearly endless, and can tailored to your exact needs. Let us show you how!