Keeping your children safe and secure on the Internet is critical in a world where potential predators can easily disquise themselves to whatever they please. Staying in touch with your child's online activity can prove to be a full time job, something many parents are not available to do at all times.

With the growing need for children to gain access to the Internet for long periods of time for homework, assignments and social activities, it would be impossible to stay with them at all times. This is where our expertise in security and monitoring can help aleviate some of your worry.

Access Restrictions On Internet Use
The Internet can be a very addicting hobby for many users. In many cases, it lure many children in to utilize it until all hours of the night, generally well beyond acceptable hours. Through easy to administer interfaces, we can show you how to set access restrictions to your household Internet connection, allowing certain users acces, while blocking other connections from gaining access outside of your home network. Changes can be made on the fly, and even remotely from any other computer with Internet access, should you require to allow an exception while not at home. The power is in your hands, let us show you how!

Activity Monitoring Software
Do you suspect that your child may be devulging personal information, or visiting websites beyond the reach of your parental control software settings? With our activity monitoring software, you can easily track your child's web surfing habits, chat logs through MSN, Yahoo, AIM and other popular messaging services, log keystrokes, and even take screen captures to get a visual aid on what your child is doing while on the computer. The results can sometimes be shocking, and provide an excellent way to curve potential problems from arising due to having access to the wrong type of information available to them online.

Parental Control Software
In the past, it was extremely hard to control the websites your child was able to visit and interact with online... until now. Through award winning software, you can help set restrictions on which websites your children are able to access, all through an easy to use and understand control panel. We'll help you setup all necessary settings, test the configuration and even help by providing you with some of the most popular websites your children may be attracted to that may be inappropriate.