Your computer is much like the human body. You need to take care of it, protect it against harmful intruders, and occasionally supply small upgrades to ensure it's kept in tip-top shape.

For most users the thought of having to perform daily, monthly, or even yearly maitenence on a machine can be a scary thought. Shed your fear, as we make it easy! From hardware installation and upgrades to software integration and configuration we have you covered. We can even show you how to automate the process to free up your time for more relaxing activities!

PC Tuneup & Essential Maitenence
Is your computer running abnormally slow, or just cluttered with a lot of un-needed applications and files? It might be time to consider performing system maitenence to give your computer the tuneup it needs to keep running in good order. Our technicians can help free up hard drive space, run system diagnostic tests, and even restore your machine to the speed and performance it once was when you first purchased it! Included with all maitenance service, we will gladly inform you of any suggested upgrades or additional services that may be needed.

Hardware Installation & Configuration
Adding hardware to your current configuration can sometimes prove to be very challanging. Unfortunately not all devices are as simple as "plug & play". Don't worry, we can help! We can take care of any challange, no matter how big or small. From additional hard drives, CD/DVD burners, webcams, scanners, and even outboard accessories such as your camcorder or digital camera, we can have you setup and running in no time. If you are unsure of what hardware you need to complete the job, we will even gladly purchase all needed items with no additional markup over store cost!

Software Installation & Configuration
Installing new software is usually a quick and painless task, however many times the configuration once installed can prove to be far from easy. From our experience many users have over 1/2 of their software mis-configured or even worse, causing problems on their computer rather than assisting to prevent them! We can show you all of the necessary steps to program your virus and spyware scanners to update & scan your computer automatically, quickly update your programs, along with applying critical patches and security updates to your operating system.