In this day in age, hard drives can be filled with data in a matter of only a few short weeks. For many, storage space is becoming a growing concern that is very hard to address with a simple solution.

Do you have your data spread out across multiple computers, DVDs, CDs, Memory Sticks, and USB Keys? Why not amalogmate your data into an easy to find solution, accessable across your entire home network? It's easier than you think, and in many cases, far less than you would imagine to double, triple, or even quadruple your storage space with just a few easy modifications!

Portable Storage On The Go
For those who have a lot of information to keep on the go, portable storage is the key to success. We can help provide you with quick and easy portable storage in sizes ranging from a few Megabytes (MB) to Terabytes (TB) of storage. We can even show you how to encrypt your data so you can rest assure that should your portable device be lost or stolen, your information is still safe, and will not be able to be accessed by anybody other than yourself. Stay safe and secure on the go, without compromising the functionality and easy of use of your solution. We'll show you how!

Mini File Server
Do you ever dream of being able to store all of your data in one central location, with the ability to gain access from any computer in your house, quickly and easily? Do you wish your home network was built like the high priced solution your office has invested tens of thousands of dollars into? You can, and in some cases utilizing the equipment you already have on hand! We can help build, design and configure a mini file server for your home or business, providing access to your files across your entire network. Your solution can be configured with a solution that will suit you best, however leaving ample room for future considerations, should your need to increase or decrease the scale of your storage space.

Internet Storage Vault
Are you looking for a solution to backup your critical data off site, on a safe, secure and professionally managed server? While it may sound expensive, it's truly cheaper than you think! We can custom design a package tailored to your exact storage and transfer needs, allowing you to backup your data on a secure server located in our world class data center in Houston, TX at The Your data will be stored in one of the continents most technologically advanced hubs, giving you the peace of mind to rest easy knowing you are protected at all costs. Best of all, you can access your account anywhere in the world, retreiving your data over any Internet connection, utilizing a secure login and password dedicated to you!