The Internet can be a scary place, as it is running rampant with millions of pieces of malicious software, just waiting to attack you next. You need to stay protected and keep yourself safe in your travels. While many people say "it could never happen to me, I'm careful", the reality is much different. Getting infected with a virus or spyware is as easy as opening an email from a trusted friend or family member, accidently clicking on the wrong link, or even downloading what looks like a legitamite document from work or school. We can help protect you with an arsenal of defence systems to ensure your online experience is safe and secure.

Virus, Spyware, Malware Protection
With malicious virus and spyware strings just waiting to attack, you need to keep yourself protected. We can help you choose an effective anti-virus, spyware, and malware solution to ensure you stay safe while online. With literally hundreds of programs available, it's sometimes hard to choose what will be most effective. We can explain the pros and cons of each package, help you install, and even configure your new software for optimal settings, keeping you automatically updated at all times. We'll help point out any areas you may be vulnerable, and help guide you to staying safe in your online journey.

Diagnosis & Remedy
Do you suspect you've fallen victum to an attack? Are you getting over-run with annoying pop-ups asking you to purchase a solution? Is your computer running abnormally sluggish and being unresponsive? These are all tell-tale signs of an infection. Do not fear, as all is not lost. Through a proven 1-2-3 method, we can help restore your system to it's once great performance, and keep you protected with updated prevention systems. Along each step of the way, we gladly explain all steps being taken and show you where the malicious content has infected your system.

Firewalls & Additional Protection
Many people have heard of firewall systems, but their purpose and configuration still remains a mystery. More times than not, firewall systems are setup incorrectly, generally compromising the functionality of many programs on a computer, and in some cases blocking critical paths thoughout a network. We can help you determine which firewall is the right choice for you, plus perform all installation and configuration needed to have you safe and secure. We'll even show you how to make modifications to the current configuration to allow or block new programs or suspected threats for easy administration!