Yesterday it was mixtapes & 8-tracks; today it's pod-casts & portable mp3s. Any artist knows that to stay in demand, they need to stay ahead of the game. Connect with your fans like never before with our eSolutions specifically designed for Djs, MCs, and Bands. Our staff have an extensive background in music promotion and the industry, so you can assured we know exactly what it takes to make an impression for your fans. We have even created unique solutions specifically for the music industry to help promote both new and seasoned artists around the world!

Artist Website
When you want to get your sound to the masses quickly and easily, you need an online hub. We can help formulate and implement a brand for your name as an artist. From bands to DJs, producers to MCs, and everything in between, the concept is still the same. You want to build a crowd, build a hype and take over the dancefloor. We'll create your design, build your bio, and provide you with all the tools you need to create sucess! Create a digital database of your music, photo gallery of your events, and interactive feedback sections to allow you to interact with your fans. Break out to the world in a big way, professionally, with a presence that is sure to take the world by storm. Are you ready to step into the limelight?

Are you looking to add yourself to one of the most dynamic online DJ communities today? Our sister website, is your key to maximum exposure. Integrated into our community is many features you would never expect to find in any music based portal. Post your bio, upload hours of audio, post upcoming events, add in your photos, and even sell original music online. We've designed the entire portal so you just need to provide the content, and we take care of the rest! All of this provided through scalable packages geared towards all levels of talent, from "up and coming" to "industry staples". Now you can join one of the most dynamic sources for digital music today, all in only minutes!

Podcast & Audio Streaming
Step up to the next level in promoting your sound. At we can help you custom design and implement a full on Podcast service or audio streaming server. Host your own Shoutcast! style streaming server to broastcast your music, or even run your own online radio station, all in real time. Our servers are so robust that while your listener base grows, you don't have to worry about overload or poor quality sound. Over and above, we can also show you how to offer your past shows to listeners via digital download, or the very popular Podcast format, so now you're live to air, anytime, anywhere.