Have you ever been away from home, yet needed some information sitting right on your desktop? Now you can work on and control your computer from any internet connection, just as if you were sitting in your home office! Unlike many companies which charge a monthly fee of $19.95 (or more) for service identical to this, our package is a one time cost, saving you hundreds of dollars in the first year alone! Never again get left stranded without information, and access to your documents. With our remote access solutions, you can stay connected, from anywhere!

Remote Access To Your Computer
Keeping in contact with your home computer can be troublesome, and carrying a heavy laptop can prove to be a real pain. Now you can stay connected to your base computer through remote access solutions. Working with your remote connection is simple. Just open any web browser, and point the address to your home PC (ie: Instantly, you will connect to your home computer, and be prompted for a login and password. Once logged in, move your mouse, type, and manipulate files just as if you were sitting at home. You can even transfer files between your host computer and the one you are remotely working on! Jump into a new revolution of connectivity!

Security & Access Control
Having an open connenction to you computer can be a dangerous venture if you do not take proper security measures to ensure you can login, but you keep others out. Our remote solutions come with standard access control through username and password to administer your connection. For added security, 128-bit encrypted connections are available to ensure that all information transmitted and received is safe and secure from any intrusion.

Guarenteed Connections
Each and every connection to the Internet is identified online with an IP address. This is a unique address of 4 sets of 3 numbers (ie: 555.555.555.555) which corresponds to the connection you hold to the Internet. With almost all broadband connections (DSL, Cable), your IP Address will dynamically change without you even knowing. To obtain and use a remote access connection to your computer, you will need to know your IP address, or, have a service find the address for you. We can configure software to update records online of where your computer is located. Now, you can easily find you PC with an address such as, or if your own a domain name, It's just that easy! Never be left scratching your head due to an IP change again!