When there is an abundance of software to learn, new operating systems being continually released, and requirements to just simply run a basic application skyrockting, it's hard to keep up. We help make it easy, with guidance and support that is custom tailored to your exact needs. We help train students of all ages, with all types of hardware and software. No matter if you're a new user, or a seasoned expert, we can assist you in learning new tips and tricks to make your computing experiences far more enjoyable and easy. Contact us today to get started and find out what we can do for you!

Startup Guide To Computers & Internet
Are you a new computer user? We can help you understand and grasp the basics of comptuer and Internet use in no time. Our professionals are sensitive to the needs of new users, and specialize in providing easy to understand lingo, giving you the leg up on technology! Here's just a few of the topics we can assist you with.

- Email (Sending & Receiving + Mastering Advanced Features)
- Browsing The Internet (Learning The Basics & Staying Safe Online)
- How To Utilize specialty sites like eBay, Craigslist, and others!
- Online Shopping (The Benifits, Staying Safe & Avoiding Scams)

Mastering Microsoft (Windows, MS Office)
With new operating systems and programs comes complicated and frustrating feature sets. While tutorial guides can be of some assistance, we are able to offer hands on, personalized training. Unlock the power in your software, and utilize it like never before. Optomize your settings and learn useful tips and tricks to get the best experience possible. Just look at some of the most popular packages we specialize in.
- Microsoft Windows Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate)
- Windows Windows XP (Home & Professional)
- Microsoft Office (2000, 2003, XP, 2007)
- Norton Anti-Virus & System Tools

Hardware Configuration & Optimization
Do you have a new webcam, digital camera, scanner, or other piece of add-on hardware, but are having a hard time utilizing it to it's full potential? Many times there is additional software or work-arounds that can let you unlock functions and features you never knew existed. Let us show you how to optimize your new hardware to function at it's full potential.

- Scanners (Document, Photo, Flatbed) & Additional Software
- Digital Cameras (Find the features you never knew existed!)
- Personal Camcorders (Video editing made easy)